Reboot Recovery 4: My Token Gay Friend

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Join us for the 4th and final week of the #1’s where we discuss Aquaman, All Star Western, Fury of Firestorm, and Justice League Dark; Do we love these comics? Can Gail Simone go two for two? Did the insanity that was the strip club make us rage when we reached Voodoo #1. Is Diane as crazy as me and Tomato? This weeks Diane “Tranimation” Tran

The Following contains strong language and may not be suitable for all ears. But you know you’re going to anyway so listen away

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Reboot Supplemental 2 Red What?!

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Join Elliot Shade and Diane “Tranimation” Tran as we finish off the two worst comic books to come out of week 3 of The DC Universe “New 52” and listen as we discuss why you shouldn’t boycott all of DC for two titles.

Listener Warning: The Views and opinions of this podcast are strong and could be offensive to some viewers, please if you are sensitive to vulgar language turn away now
or you know, because you read the warning you could listen to it all the way through just sayin

(this episode was supposed to be done soon after the Cat Trap one but for one reason or another got caught in limbo for a while)

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My Comic History for Better or Worse

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Alright, it’s the end of September and the grand experiment that is the New 52 is over, no doubt you’ve all been listening to Reboot Recovery or following my twitter. If you have you know I’m fairly new to the comics game hell if you want to go a bit further I’d say the only thing that I was actually interested in was Spawn back in the day, though I never read any of them when they were out originally.

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Ep #3 The Cat, The Bat, and The Alien Skank

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Welcome to episode three of this craziness folks, this wee has been a rather controversial week for the DC New 52. With Catwoman shocking all we focus our attention on DC Universe Presents, Blue Beetle, Wonder Woman, and Batman. Did we love them? Did we hate them? Can you understand Softly Spoken Las? Join Elliot Shade, and Tomato surprise as we try to decipher what the hell is going on.

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Reboot Supplemental #1 Cat Trap

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Join me Elliot Shade with my friend Diane N Tran, as we discuss.. i.e Rage over the new Catwoman Title by Judd Winick; why do we hate it so much? Well listen in, I swear you can hear us ripping it apart literally

Diane’s Deviant Art

You have been warned

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Ep. #2 Waller’s Not Weightless

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Join us once again as Tomato Surprise and Elliot Shade take on the New 52’s most meh week thus far, we cover the newer thinner Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad, the feeling of a text file in Frankenstien Agent of SHADE, and the Awesomeness of both Batwoman and Mr Terrific, will Tomato Keel over from his over exposure to Adam Glass, does EA Glover have the voice of god? Am I ever going to get my head on straight?

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Reboot Recovery 1 Reboot Circus

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Your hosts for the evening are
Elliot Shade
Tomato Surprise
and Yan Basque

We discuss the first week of the DC Relaunch and it’s effects on the universe

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